Living Well

…for those of any generation  …any faith  …or no faith

How important is happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind?   How can you deepen it?  …And help your friends, family, faith community, co-workers and neighborhood to succeed with you?

Each piece of the Wellness Puzzle can help or harm the other pieces.

Each piece of the Wellness Puzzle can help or harm the other pieces.

That’s the focus of Living Well –  a community and interfaith  collaborative    We offer well-researched and award-winning strategies to help you solve each piece of your Wellness Puzzle – plus workshops, videos, materials, training and a state-wide network of support to turn a few good ideas into better lives for many

We invite you and your friends,  family, work site, neighborhood and faith community to join our collaboration by registering (at the bottom of this page).  Browse our website, and then share your successes and struggles so we can learn from each other.

We encourage you to consider wisdom of the  Golden Rule, as expressed in all faiths (see below).  And then act by yourself, and with others, to make your world a better place.

Our workshops and training programs can help you get started.   Mini-grants (for neighborhood organizations, faith communities  and other non-profits) are currently available in our target communities: Amherst and Kenmore, NY.


Free  "Action Guides" are available for download and discussion.

Free “Action Guides” are available for download and discussion.

Golden rule in major faiths

three generations with teen boy250

Want to help lead our collaborative?  Start online by taking our free 10 hour course.  You can be certified as a Living Well Coach in a community setting (e.g., hospital, worksite, senior center, school) or as a Living Well Minister that serves a faith-based organization in a prog

2 Responses to 'Living Well'

  1. Dr. Sandra Tars says:

    Kudos to Tom & Brian for putting together all these resources. What a treasure you & the rest of the faculty have given us!

    • Tom DeLoughry says:

      Thanks, Sandra.

      With your background in gerontology, you could really enhance our offerings. Please post whatever you think might be helpful, and let’s stay in touch.

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