Goals, objectives and outcomes


Those who forgave themselves more often, had less depression than those who forgave others or prayed privately.

Goals, objectives and outcomes can be a mixed blessing:

  • Ignore them, and years of well-intentioned programs may fall short of their potential to improve emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Focus obsessively, and the crucial benefits of smiles, hugs, fellowship, grace and other intangibles can be overlooked.

These objectives, designed to bridge the silos of medical, emotional and spiritual care by solving each piece of the Wellness Puzzle, have been written for seniors, baby boomers and teens. However,  because we can’t teach what we haven’t learned ourselves, they are also for anyone (e.g. volunteers or professionals providing medical, emotional or spiritual care) who want to help seniors, their families and their organizations.

Objectives can be prioritized by using the “What’s Most Important” tool. The achievement of these objectives (e.g., forgiving yourself) and its impact on quality of life (e.g., depression) can be measured by our health status and spirituality survey.

Core Objectives – for anyone at any age

Program participants will be able to:

  • Experience God’s Love
    • by using the Greatest Commandment, the Golden Rule as beacons; the Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments as steps towards finding more love
  • Deepen prayer
    • by personalizing the outline in the Lord’s Prayer to communicate with God
  • Forgive yourself, others and God
    • by using the Lord’s Prayer (i.e., the Satisfaction Skills) as steps to forgiveness
  • Manage stress
    • by using the Satisfaction Skills (i.e., awareness, affirmations, assertiveness, acceptance) to manage stress
  • Increase sensitivity and acceptance toward others


The Eldercare objectives include:

  • Aging, Sage-ing and Spirituality
  • Caring for the Caregiving
  • Enhancing healing and decreasing hospitalizations
  • Planning for the end of life
  • The care and feeding of your brain