Aging, Sage-ing and Spirituality

Will the second half of your life be a blessing or a curse?  To a great degree, it’s up to you.   Explore your options by:

Is each piece of your Wellness Puzzle helping or harming you?

Is each piece of your Wellness Puzzle helping or harming you?

  • Registering for one of our programs
  • Using the Aging, Sage-ing and Spirituality Action Guide
  • Watching the videos (below)
  • Reading our stories 
  • Joining the conversation by posting your comments and stories (at right)
    • Before posting, you must join as a guest at the bottom of the page, then wait for confirmation.  This may take up to a day because our process is not automated.
  • Being part of a Living Well Group   You’ll find support to solve each piece of your Wellness Puzzle, while helping others to do the same
    • If you participate in one of our community or Internet programs, you’ll have the option to:
      • join one of our Living Well groups
      • invite family and friends to join an existing group with you; or
      • start a group of your own!

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