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Living Well offers free Action Guides, booklets and posters, plus online training and coloration with a network of local and state-wide resources

Living Well offers free Action Guides, booklets and posters, plus online training and collaboration.

Action Guides

Any of our Action Guides, booklets,  posters or stories (see below) may be downloaded for personal or family use from anywhere without charge.  Faith communities, non-profits and government agencies which would like to copy, brand (and/or improve!) or distribute any of these materials must first contact the Center for Health Management to obtain written permission.

To decide what’s most important to you and your loved ones, download this one-page questionnaire.  It contains links to most of the topics listed below.

Our workshop, Forgiving Yourself and Others,  builds on those Action Guides marked with an asterisk (*)

  • Forgiving Yourself and Others*
  • Chronic Illness
  • Teens as Teachers* – This contains an overview, a mini-grant application and 5  Action Guides written for teens
 Additional Background Materials
  • Forgiving Yourself, Others and God  – This slide set was used in a Forgiveness Workshop presented at the South East Jurisdiction Meeting of the United Methodist Church
  • Create Caring Teams This four page introduction summarizes key points and references trelevant pages in “What I Wish I Knew”
  • Learn with a partner  Use this worksheet and its “learning poem’ to reduce stress, control blood pressure and much more  with support from friends, family and professionals. This is an illustrated example.
  • Learn with a partner blank  Download and print  this to discuss  and update with friends, family and the professionals who are providing your  care.
  • Planning poem to Be Your Best – Use this ‘planning poem’ solve edch  piece of the Wellness Puzzle and get the help you need.

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