Join the Pilgrimage!

Thanks to Pastor Brian McCaffrey for a wonderful presentation to begin our  online retreat on the book: Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life: Seven Spiritual Gateways.


Please  comment below on some of the questions we discussed:

  • What has old age added to your life?
  • How can you find wisdom, comfort and love in prayer?
  • What are your goals for the last third of your life?  …and what steps will you take this week to accomplish them?

These Action Guides offer practical tips to help you address the first gateway: Facing Aging and Death.

2 Responses to 'Join the Pilgrimage!'

  1. A big thank you to everyone who hung in there for our first retreat.

  2. tdeloughry says:

    Thanks again, Brian, for what you shared with us. I’m sorry our technical glitches were a distraction, but we’re switching to different software that will fix that.

    I was struck by the distinction you made between a journey (just getting there) and a pilgrimage (a journey of spiritual significance). So I’m trying to be open to the majesty of the Father, the love of Jesus and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as I “journey” between getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. I want to do more than just “get through” my day. I want to be open to the grace and the blessings that are just waiting for my willingness to see them.

    “What would an old Jesus do?” is one question that has been sticking with me. The answers that I keep hearing are about prayer, trusting the wisdom of the Spirit and gratefulness for the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us and sustains us.

    So that is what I’m working on this week: more prayer; being open to a Wisdom that’s greater than mine; and gratitude for the grace and blessings of my senior years.

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