Welcome Pastor Brian and Barbara Bruce

I am pleased to introduce you to two colleagues who will be regular contributors on the topic of Never Too Old – and who share the leadership of the Northeast Forum on Spirituality and Aging (NEFOSA).

I hope you’ll find them to be as helpful and inspiring as I do.

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Barbara Bruce has been a friend and mentor for nearly 15 years.  She is an educator and author of ten books who has a passion for teaching about both the learning brain and a holistic approach to successful aging.  She and I are both associate directors of NEFOSA. 

“I believe  that the mind, body, and spirit are intertwined to make us who we are as  individuals,” says Barbara. “To that end, I consider all three in my presentations, books and  articles.”  Check out her website at www.bbruce.com.

Read why Barbara thinks that “forgiving and forgetting are not the same thing” in Forgiveness, – posted in our menu under both Never Too Old  and the Satisfaction Skills.

Rev. Brian McCaffrey

Rev. Brian McCaffrey has been a Lutheran Pastor for 26 years and is currently Chaplain at LutheranCare in Clinton, NY. He serves as the chair of the Northeast Forum on Spirituality & Aging  which is a network of  various denominations  and individuals who believe that aging nudges us toward the  spiritual growth.

“I make a direct correlation between creativity and spiritual growth.” says Brian. ” I believe we enter into a partnership with Life / the Divine when we take what Life hands to us and we create something out of it.  In the process we get transformed.”

Brian will be contributing original articles, as well as reviews of resources he has found on the Internet, in bookstores and elsewhere.

Read Brian’s article on The Poetics of Aging, posted under Never Too Old, and tell us what you think.

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