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Love is a verb…

Commit commandments to lifeOn a recent Saturday(March 3, 2012) I took advantage of the opportunity to attend Tom’s program on managing stress.  As the presentations and the discussions progressed, the greatest commandment (Loving God with all your heart, soul & mind, and loving your neighbor as yourself) became a topic we focused on as part of the concept of managing stress in your life.  Through this discussion I shared that we need to realize that Love is in fact a verb.  Although one might feel love as well, one may express that love as well.  Therein lies the verb.

We follow the greatest commandment by dropping a note of support or grief to a friend or acquaintance, letting someone ahead of you in the grocery store who may only have one or two items, by praying for someone you know is in crisis or Continue reading Love is a verb…

Your Wellness Partner?

Over 90% of those attending the seminar said they would discuss their progress with a wellness partner at least once a week.  How is that going so far?

How anyone tried asking their parents or children to be their partner?

The more partners you have, the better!