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Join the Pilgrimage!

Thanks to Pastor Brian McCaffrey for a wonderful presentation to begin our  online retreat on the book: Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life: Seven Spiritual Gateways.


Please  comment below on some of the questions we discussed:

  • What has old age added to your life?
  • How can you find wisdom, comfort and love in prayer?
  • What are your goals for the last third of your life?  …and what steps will you take this week to accomplish them?

These Action Guides offer practical tips to help you address the first gateway: Facing Aging and Death.

The Poetics of Aging by Pastor Brian

The Poetics of Aging

The traditional view of aging thinks of it in terms of work: measured by whether work is present or absent.

I prefer instead to think of aging in terms of music.  Life has four ages, stages, or movements, just as a symphony does.

So, of course, aging as music, aging as poetics, is long overdue for discussion– Dick Bolles

The Poetics of Aging  – That was the heading in an e-mail I received.  It caught my eye

It turned out to be the name of a conference: Poetics Of Aging Conference: A Grassroots Gathering To Celebrate Eldership And Value Aging As The Basis For Depth And Wisdom (November 16 – 19, 2011, San Francisco, CA  —

It may seem an obvious insight that we all age, but there is a strong cultural bias against aging.  I am delighted whenever I encounter another positive perspective on the second half of life.  “The conference mission is to counter the mainstream understanding of aging as decline and/or disease with a more expansive, humanistic, and creative – that is poetic – vision and approach.  Together we shall create a climate where people share their awareness and creative expressions, while providing room for self-study and discovery.” The website led me to a fascinating paper by Dr. Nader Robert Shabahangi the founder of the AgeSong Institute ( — One of the many collaborators of the Poetics of Aging Conference) Continue reading The Poetics of Aging by Pastor Brian