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For nearly twenty years, I was what might be called a “home church” kind of guy.   Every Thursday night, my wife and I would gather with friends to discuss mostly Christian texts,  plus a  hearty mix from Buddhism and other faiths.  And a least a couple of weekends a year we’d go off together to practice meditation or have other spiritual adventures.

But I joined – and became increasingly involved in the Methodist Church – as I learned more about the “method” behind Methodism  I was especially impressed by the Quadrilateral.  It’s a balanced approach to finding “truth” in  religion that  considers four  factors: Scripture, tradition, reason and experience to understand more about God and wrestle with conflicting beliefs.

My friend, Pastor Brian McCaffrey who is one of my partners in this project, tells me that something similar to the Quadrilateral is found in most mainline Christian faiths.

The above links explain some of this.  I especially like the part about “the need is not to quell the conflicts, but to create an environment in which it’s safe for people to experience them, to wrestle with the ‘angels'”.

That’s the kind of environment offered now in many churches and in the workshops, groups and ministries that are affiliated with  Living Well.

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More Spiritual than Religious?

According to a 2002 Gallup poll, 50% of Americans described themselves as “religious,” while another 33% said they are “spiritual but not religious”.


How do you see yourself?   …and why?

Use this section  to discuss:

-What draws you to religion? …spiritual guidance? …fellowship? …liturgy?

-What has turned you off? …doctrine(s)?  …clergy behavior(s)?