Being Your Best

Being  Your Best has been honored by AARP/s Social Impact Award as “a simple mind-body-spirit program for seniors, adults and teens of any faith …or no faith.”  

We offer Action Guides, videos and short stories to help seniors, adults and teens to solve each piece of the Wellness Puzzle.

The  Friendship Trilogy novels are an entertaining way to learn about the skills and strategies taught in this program.

  No matter what piece of the Wellness Program you start with,  you’ll find free Action Guides, videos or stories that offer simple  steps – so you can reach your goals by combining the power of medicine,  psychology and/or prayer.  

To get started, read one of the Action Guides, discuss it with your loved ones, and explore the resources you’ll find  listed in each Guide.


Living Well is based on a series of earlier programs that have won national honors from the American Management Care Review Association (for the prevention and control of chronic illness) and from the American Association of of Occupational Health Nurses (for stress reduction). It was honored with AARP’s Social Impact Award as “a simple mind-body-spirit program for grandparents, parents and teens of any faith …or no faith.”

It has been funded been funded by government agencies on aging and the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church, where an online training program has been well-received.

All materials can be downloaded without charge by individuals and families. Faith communities or other non-profits can download, copy and distribute theese materials after first seeking written permission (which will be freely given) from the Center for Health Management,  which is available for training, consultation and customization.

It was created by Dr. Tom DeLoughry who is available for Living Well workshops and consultation.

Choose  from our mix of workshops, stories, videos or one of the following Action Guides:


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